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Colony Universe

Alc1 The Fiery Furnace, Solar System

by EAB

Alc1 First Planet of the Alchibah System

Painting by Travis

Orbital Radius: 44.43 million miles.

Orbital period: 106.31 days. Rotational rate Indeterminate.

Moons: None larger than 100 miles.

Planetary diameter: 4,800 miles.

Atmosphere: Vapor pressure levels of metallic gases.

Average Surface Temperature: 2700 deg F.

Alc1 Might be best described as a molten blob of swirling liquid metal. Rotational rate has not been determined as it must vary according to the distance from the planetary center. In the infrared it appears to be a planet composed of liquid metals. The planet does receive about twice as much solar heating as the Solar System’s Mercury, but this would not be enough radiant heat input to account for the heat output radiation signature. In order for Alc1’s surface temperature to be as hot as indicated, Alchibah’s contribution must be augmented by additional volcanic, gravitational, and nuclear heating. This combination makes iron molten on the planets surface.

Alc1 Terragen Image File

Other metals besides Iron are also present, but as of now, (planet fall +5), have not been quantified. The overall wave like surface indicates a rock type substratum of an indeterminant nature but likely high in carbon and silicates.

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