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Colony Universe

Robots, GE Model 3R

by EAB

The 225 GE Model 3-R Robots purchased by R.J. Hamilton were the first of that models production run. Serial Numbers 00101 - 00325. They were a generational advance over previous production variants in terms of A.I. functionality. See Robots a History.

Due to product liability fears the number one design criteria was always safety. By the end of the twentieth century because of product liability lawsuits the popular phrase, “Let the Seller Beware”, had entered into the vernacular and was a driving factor in all business decisions. Safety of humans in the robots vicinity was the first concern, but also the possible harm to humans elsewhere, or at a future date, due to the long term effect of an action. There was an entire cascading logic tree of safety concerns. Fully 95% of the robots program and processing time were devoted to dealing with these safety factors. Training could overcome some low level constraints but the higher level proscriptions could not be over ridden. Protection of Animals, Property, and Self all reside at some node on the decision path. When a conflict resolution can not be made the robot will not act but instead stop, and where appropriate seek clarification. Robots are not intelligent, nor are they stupid, though sometimes they appear to be. They are machines carrying out programmed tasks and are able to improve performance by gradual and limited modification of the steps used to reach the programmed goal. The complexity of the task and the navigation of the safety tree determine the general speed of robotic operations.System Variables must be set on initial power up. The most important of these is that of System Operator. We often call this system operator the “Owner“. Instructions issued to a robot by the Owner are primary. Most of the rest of the system variables are used to determine the Robotic Personality. They include such things as speech levels, maximum power usage, independence level, persistence and delegation, (these factors set limits on robotic operations outside of the owners direct oversight), privacy and inter-robotic communication and learning levels. The personality variables, once set, may only be changed by the owner. Hamilton purchased three GE3 Master Program Controllers which are the only devices able to reinitialize the system variables in the event of the owners demise or in the case of an ownership change. They can also enter and modify code outside of the ROM core.A robot will attempt to carry out an owners instructions, all those explicit, and to a lesser extent those implied, but is incapable of initiating independent action beyond any implied by the owners instructions. They are very literal and a great deal of care must be given to insure the requested actions lead to the desired result. Much of robot humor and horror stories are due to the laws of unintended consequences. Most critical operations have multiple redundancy and failure recovery modes. The most severe failure modes all lead to shutdown.

Design and Capabilities:

Type Classification - Humanoid. Height 6.5 ft.. Weight 163 lbs. Composite materials used in construction to hold weight down while the overall size was selected to maximize mechanical leverages and interact with objects designed on a human scale.

Operating System - Proprietary in Quantum ROM.

Control Buss - Optical.

Power Buss - Superconducting. Motion controlled by 67 various servomotors from sub-fractional to .75 KW. Communications by audio output and electronic means.

Sensor Suite - Ratings (Adult Human Ave = 1), Vision 4.0, Hearing, 1.2, Touch 0.35, Taste and Smell considered as chemical sensing. 0.85. These numbers are maximal values and until or unless preprogrammed routines exist or post program training takes place actual performance will vary greatly and be task dependant.

Power Source - Nano-Capacitors standard. Eight units modified to run also on Atomic Batteries. These units were intended for off planet use and only available for purchase by governmental contract or to a half dozen corporations with substantial out system mining/manufacturing operations.

Charge life at 50% Duty Cycle - Capacitor type, 36 to 48 Hours. A.B. type, 1+ years.

Max Sustained Output - 1.75 KW. Burst Mode - 3.1 KW.

Charge Rate - 1.2 KWH/Min. Typical time 45 min.

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