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Colony Universe

Wormhole Theory

by EAB

Blackholes, Wormholes, and Spin Tubes

Much of the following is speculation based upon the Alchibah Wormhole. Current theory is still evolving. The demonstrated existence of the Alchibah Wormhole has disproven some previously accepted ideas.

1. The maximum speed of anything in the universe is 186,000 mps. The speed of light in a vacuum.

2. Most of the matter in the Universe is unobserved and is in fact unobservable.

3. Stars travel particular evolutionary paths depending on their original size.

4. Small stars use up their hydrogen fuel and grow dim and cold. This takes so long that they are likely to be around for 100 billion years or more. The age of the universe seems to be less than 20 billion years.

5. Larger stars shine, expand, explode, and collapse. As they collapse they become White Dwarf stars, (dense), Neutron stars, (extremely dense), and, if their original mass is great enough they become blackholes. A blackhole is so massive that the escape velocity at its surface, called the Event Horizon, is greater than the speed of light, 186,000 mps. Imagine taking a star twice as large as the Sun and compressing it till it is less than 10 miles in diameter.

6. The more mass a star begins with the shorter its lifetime. If it is massive enough to becomes a blackhole the more massive it is the larger the diameter of the event horizon.

7. All stars rotate. The more they shrink in size the faster they spin. This is called the Law of Conservation of Angular Momentum.

8. A blackhole spins extremely rapidly. Its spin axis is the entry point to what we call a Wormhole. Any attempt to get closer to the blackhole center than the diameter of its event horizon, unless one is at the spin axis, causes one to vanish permanently from the observable universe.

9. A first approximation of a spinning blackhole would be a sphere with a hole from one side to the other at the spin axis. A second and better view would be of a spinning tube. The length of the tube is proportional to the blackhole mass. As a simplification we could say that the length of the Alchibah Wormhole Spin Tube is 47 light years. The tubes internal diameter is proportional to the rotational rate and the velocity of the object entering the Spin Tube. The outer diameter of the sphere or tube wall is the Blackhole event horizon. The inner diameter may be considered as the Spin Tube or Wormhole event horizon.

Spin Tube Length = k x Blackhole Mass.

Spin Tube Dia. = k x sqrt(Rotation Rate x Entry Speed).

The value of k has yet to be determined. As it may not be linear. The discovery and exploration of a few more wormholes should settle the question.

10. It is obvious from the above that the more massive the blackhole the longer the spin tube. And as entry velocities decrease the more critical is exact alignment with the axial center if one is to avoid the spin tube event horizon.

11. A rotating blackhole will have a wormhole entrance at both the north and south pole of spin. It is unknown whether the spin tubes from either end lead to the same terminus. All entries at the Solar end of the Alchibah Wormhole have been through the same Spin Pole.

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