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Colony Universe

Native Species of Alchibah

by EAB

Animals: This section is a work in progress.

Bison like grazer discovered first on plains north of the inland sea Gitche Gumee. Mammalian in nature six legged, ten feet long and five foot high at the shoulder. Their heads are very flat and wide being set low on the body with a short, perhaps foot long, neck. Fully grown they could weigh upwards of 3000 lbs. Possessing a fine durable leather hide and edible meat. Domestication experiments are underway.

Aladillo: A very full body, about 12 inches long and low to the ground is covered by a hard segmented shell. It has a tapering tail half again as long as the body. The tail ends in a two inch ball covered with pointy spikes. It looked like a mace and was used in the same manner. A scavenger commonly found in the Liberty City area.

Slizard: Generic name for a variety of lizard like species ranging from 6 inches in length to well over 20 feet. The larger slizards had backbones that could be 3 foot off the ground and could raise their heads another foot or more. The smaller specimens were six legged, the larger ones were segmented and grew additional legs as segments were added. The legs of each pair were slightly offset giving a rolling gait. Carnivorous and ubiquitous to the entire planet.

Stream Fish:
“Fish or Stream Trout” was what we called all of them, and though there were many types this description is typical. The smallest edible sizes were about 5 inches long, looking vaguely like, and related to, the Slizard, but instead of legs they had slightly opposed fins, three sets of them and as the length increased other sets would grow in front of the bifurcated tail. They sparkled in the sun with prism like scales on top. The undersides were generally a pale almost bluish white. Most had two rows of small pointed teeth in the mouth which extended about an inch down the length of the slender body.

Ratoid: Small slizard, a foot in length, forest dwelling but most often seen around carrion.

Uglasaur: Iguana like but with much shorter tails. Needle sharp teeth. When fully grown up to a hundred and forty lbs. Intelligence similar to an earthly dog and can to be domesticated. Nocturnal hunter and meat eater.


A large bovine appearing species which roam the upland plains of the Northern Continent of Alchibah. Only the six legs seemed to separate them from the Earth bovines such as Deer and Elk.

The flesh of this animal fooled the Diagnostic capabilities of the Primary Lab. It’s properties were so close to that of Earth Beef that the Computers rejected them as fake test runs. Attempts were made to tame them as Cattle had been tamed on Earth. All attempts failed, they are a wild species who will not be tamed.

They became the favorite hunting species for the Humans on Alchibah. Their single Unicorn like horn became the favorite wall trophy for a household. They are smart, fast and highly prized.

Meat from the Unicow was the early favorite on Alchibah. The advent of Cloned Earth Cattle moved them into a game Animal status. They are now hunted for their status and successful hunters are well renowned.

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