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Colony Universe

Wormhole Communications

by EAB

At the request of Capt. Travis an intensive and rigorous investigation was undertaken on the mass of data collected by William Bartlett during the outbound transit ‘SOL to Alchibah’.

The data cube covering the actual transit was cataloged to separate the various types of observational data. The first set of data analyzed was the Electro-Mechanical realm (which includes the Radio Frequency sub-domain).

Here the physics of the wormhole delivered it first punch. The Gravatetic Lens Effect which compressed the EM input of the entire 180 degrees of the wormhole aperture into the central tube, created a massive ‘White Noise’ problem. This discrimination problem was estimated to require tuners of a least four orders of magnitude better than any scanner in existence to even separate an EM stream from the background clutter!

Attention then turned to the Light Frequency Bands to explore the possibility of high powered Lasers. There the wormhole physics delivered the second and final blow. The Gravatetic Wave Effect caused by the constant variance of the gravitational energy literally forced frequency changes and variations in the Light Bands themselves. Worse, this variation was totally random and affected the modulating frequencies of any signal system at a different rate from that of the carrier frequency. This was in effect, the best scrambler system ever devised; but unlike manmade systems, it had no key! There was no conceivable way to decode the result!

As a final control two attempts were made to determine the spectral signatures of the two stars involved as seen through the wormhole. First the analysis focused on Alchibah on the approach to the wormhole, then SOL on the exit run. It proved impossible to isolate even the spectral signature of the stars involved!

In a very unscientific statement one member of the EAB summed up the communications though the wormhole problem with the following “You got two chances, Slim and None. But, Slim done caught the bus for Hotlanta.”

Coherent Communications through a wormhole are impossible!

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