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Colony Universe

Light Cargo Bus

by EAB

The Mayflower crew produced two small cargo buses. One for the colonists in Liberty, and one for use by the Mayflower crew itself for ferrying supplies to and from the planet without having to resort to the huge Galileo Ore Ship which was too large and wasteful of fuel.


Literally cobbled together from old storage containers, the cargo bus isn’t pretty, isn’t fast, has very limited shielding, but serves it’s purpose well. Eight large engines that can swing on an axis allow vertical takeoffs and landings and provide impressive lifting power for heavy loads.

Length: 45 feet
Height: 20 feet
Seating: Two
Cargo capacity: 30 tons

Accomodations: None. Just the pilot’s seat and one for a passenger. No galley, bunks, or living space. Think of it as a tractor trailer. Tiny water closet.

Cargo buses are designed for travel around the planet or for travel to the Mayflower or one of Alchibah’s moons. They are not designed for nor capable of interplanetary travel.

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