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Colony Universe

The Surprise Cruiser

by EAB

Personal cruisers were all the rage among the wealthy back on Earth. One such, belonging to Stelco was used by Rocco to rescue Captain Travis from the UNWG (Goonies) Earth agents.

Surprise Cruiser

While quite fast, there are only two seats on board, along with pull-down bunks for sleeping. A very small galley, and no real cargo space. Living space is limited to a small dining table and entertainment center.

Personal cruisers are designed for skipping around the world quickly, making trips to orbiting resorts, and for interplanetary travel. They are not interstellar ships by design.

Length: 35 feet.

Upon reaching Alchibah, the Mayflower crew modified The Surprise cruiser. Life support systems were removed. One laser canon from the old Lancer ship was installed. One nuclear device was also put on board as a “suicide device” for ramming hostile ships. Additional fuel storage was added, and The Surprise was sent out with two robots (so they could change each other’s batteries) to the exit of the wormhole to investigate why the sentry craft left there had stopped transmitting.

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