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Colony Universe

About Colony Universe

Colony Universe is an encyclopedia of information and speculations collected and written up by colonists from Colony: Alchibah and the other Ex-Earth Colonies. These are group science fiction blog novels.

The first, Colony: Alchibah, concerns…

In the middle of the 21st century, a ship of dissidents seeking freedom from the oppressive world government of Earth land on a planet circling the star Alchibah. There, these colonists begin a new life, a new world, a place where the limited government is subordinate to the citizens. First they had to create that government and the documents that would constrain it. Actually, first they had to escape Earth! As in any sci-fi story, there are plenty of other problems as well…

Colony Universe serves as a compendium of informational posts by those colonists. Some are pure data. Some, idle musings, and some are just plain gossip. These are all posted under the EAB (Enclyclopedia Alchibah Board) handle. Future colonies will post under other author names.

All writings and images not credited otherwise are (C) Copyright 2006, 2007 by Jeff Soyer for all the contributors. All rights reserved.