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Colony Universe

Drive Systems

by EAB

The current Generation of Alchibah Drive Systems began with basic research by Dr. Ashcroft Andrews into a Kinetic Shield System.

The First generation Shield could stop a .30 Cal UNWG Issue Penetrator round when powered by a simple 15 Amp, 120 Volt Circuit. At this point Dr. Andrews attempted to bury his research and carried the only fully documented files with him to Alchibah.

A diluted version of his findings made there way to RJ Hamilton’s “BUGOUT” project and was used as the basis of the Gravity Grabber Drive that was used to allow The Mayflower to generate enough Delta-Vee to escape the Solar System via the Alchibah wormhole.

Once on Alchibah the system was presented to Dr. Hibbs, he conceived of a way to bend the planar shield of the basic Andrews Shield into a Hemispherical Shield.

Andrews and Hibbs knew if they could combine two Andrews-Hibbs Shields that they could protect a ship from any angle. The problem lay in the requirement for a vent for the Dee-Hee Drive System.

Then Dr. Chandler entered the equation. He postulated that if a Andrews-Hibbs Shield could be modulated that it could provide motive force without the need for a Drive Exhaust. In other words a reactionless Drive.

His postulation was correct, the first Andrews-Chandler-Hibbs drive did in fact not need a reaction component as long as it was at least at least 15 Ft. above a planetary body. It did need a reaction drive to establish that minimum separation or bad things would happen.

The First generation allowed for a 4:1 Ratio between Real G Rates and Perceived G Rates. Thus a Pilot felt 4 G’s when in fact they were pulling 16 G’s Real Acceleration. Unfortunately they could could not leave the Deep gravity well of the Planet and were essentially Atmospheric Craft drives.

Dr. Chandler finally had a brainstorm he just could not explain, what would happen if the Exciter Circuit were first brought up in the Spin Axis of the Mayflower. When that unit was first brought up and tested at maximum acceleration by Dr. Andrews; Dr.’s Hibbs and Chandler promptly named it the ACHE Drive; right after they returned from Sick Bay. This version of the Drive was called the System Version as it appeared to be tied to the System Gravity well and could function as a deep space drive

The First Generation System Drive had a 10:1 reduction ratio. At the time of the Rogon incursion; components were in place for a 10:1 Planetary drive and a 25:1 System Drive although none had been installed.

The “Mad Whackos” as they are affectionately known long for the day that they can take a ship beyond the Hyper-Limit of Alchibah and run up an Exciter Out There!

Respectfully Summited
Alchibah Year 8 Day 235
Terrence Thomas Stuart

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