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Colony Universe

Shuttle Craft

by EAB

Originally lifeboats for the tour ship Lancer, the Mayflower crew have modified these to serve as transport, defensive, and exploration craft for the colonists on Alchibah.


The original lifeboats could hold ten-twelve people, not in comfort, for emergency evacuations of large tour ships. They have been modified and renamed shuttle craft. Several seats were removed to increase fuel and cargo capacity. Additional shielding was added and a nano-paint coating put on to allow the shuttle to blend in (camouflage) with it’s surroundings. The crash bar in front was modified. One forward beam now has a laser cannon, the other will have a fireball launcher when Doctors Hibbes and Chandler perfect the device, and a small hatch on top exposes a 100mm projectile gun. Dr. Ash Andrew’s field shields have been incorporated.

Size: 60 foot wingspan
Height: 25 feet
Seats four although a bench along one wall of the cabin can serve in a jiffy for a couple others. Full bathroom with shower. Small galley and ship stores. Pull down bunks for four. Small table and entertainment center in limited living space. They’re not especially fast but serve their purpose well. These are tough little ships that can launch and land vertically.

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