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Colony Universe

Alchibah, Local Vicinity of Stars

by EAB

Chart View

Photo from Mayflower Archives

As seen from Earth the Alchibah star system is dim and quite difficult to see with the unaided eye. Being a Southern Hemispheric object, in the northern latitudes, it never gets much above the horizon. Any city glow or bright moonlight will wash it out completely. With binoculars it may readily be seen, though only for a few hours at a time, before it dips below the horizon. The above chart is a standard reference. The photo was taken on route to the Wormhole and may be used to locate Alchibah’s position and those stars in the same general viewing area.

The Sun as seen from Alchibah will be even dimmer by at least a full magnitude and probably not visible to the naked eye. Atmospheric conditions on the planet will have much to do with this along with the latitude of our selected landing site. Alchibah’s two moons and system dust scattering will also make for a bright sky glow. As soon as the landing site is selected, and atmospheric data analyzed, a view from Alchibah to Earth, will be prepared.

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